Please read our sales policy before considering getting a piglet from us! We take a lot of pride in being a responsible breeder. When you buy a piglet from us you are agreeing to our sale policy, whether you have read our policy or not.

We are private farm to prevent the spread of avian and swine and goat diseases and theft! for our animals own safety as pigs are not our only animal on the farm we must think about the safety of ALL of the animals..

Visitors are allowed ONLY with a scheduled visit time. Do not just show up without an appointment as you will be turned away. These times are limited, and are set just for you. Once a visit is scheduled, if you are more than 30 minutes late please have the decency to call us at 1-870-955-8610. If you do not do this, your visit is done. If you cannot respect me and my time, you will not be a good fit for my piglets. They deserve the best. All visitors will be made to sanitize hands and shoes prior to seeing the parent pigs or piglets.  Bring a pet carrier for your piglet to ride home in.

~ We want to ensure that all of our Pigs go to a good home. We reserve the right to refuse a sale at any time with any explanations. Our Pigs come first.. 

~ If we do not feel a pig is not breeding quality we will NOT offer it as a breeding quality pig.

 ~~ A deposit per pig is required to ensure the selection of the pig from us.  Deposits are $200 of the asking price, Should you back out the deposit will NOT be refunded. Deposits are non refundable.



We DO accept payments and if payments are to be made you  must have payments finished by determined  date and be ready to pick up your piglet when said determined date arrives or otherwise you may risk your piglet being put back up for sale.  I do not do refunds if you back out of making payments half way through. 

We accept Paypal as a form of payment or cash.

Prices vary on wattled VS non wattled & size or intact or not and if we feel a pig is not worthy as breeders are never offered as intact breeders and we do not sell bottle babies.


Prices also will be different if the piglet is picked up from my home or if it is shipped, It takes up alot of my time  and stress and we live in the country a long way from any town.  It takes us two hours alone to travel to our pig vet and with two small children to have to take with us and feed along the way and also to arrange a transporter and  get everything lined out to get a piglet from here to you so that is why there MIGHT  price difference.



Piglets can be transported throughout the US but Transport fee's will  have to be made directly to the transporter when your piglet is delivered. Transport costs vary and we only use ground transport only  and cost is quoted by the transporter  You will have to message me to  let me know where you are located so that I can do a transport  quote!   If piglets are being Transported out of the state of Arkansas I will have to comply with your state's laws, Health papers are usually done same day as vet appointment unless your state requires anything additional.  The basic fee for health papers is $175.  Some transporters will not have  carriers  and some do, Carriers  are $30.  I've had transporters quote between $175-$350 USUALLY, it depends on if he is already going that way or not.. You are welcome to transport your piglet yourself if you want to avoid the transport costs somewhat.  WE DO NOT SHIP BY AIR!

Purchasing from Pig Trail KuneKunes
Page Updated 8/31/2021 - We currently do not have any piglets available please see our upcoming litters page to learn when more might be arriving!

Now for the piglets!!


Pig Trail KuneKunes BH Tutaki 12

Pig Trail KuneKunes BH Tutaki 12


Gorgeous chocolate agouti brown

DOB : 4/24/21


BH Tutaki (George) X BH Rebecca Gina (Midnight)

COI 10.0%

He is SOLD


Pig Trail KuneKunes Whakanui 8

Pig Trail KuneKunes Whakanui 8



DOB : 5/1/21

AKKPS 16992

Whakanui (Galaxy) X Sally (Jade)

COI 5.2%

He is SOLD