Piney Creek Farm BH Tutaki 4  - George

AKKPS 2904

BH Tutaki X Trish

COI 5.0%

2 Wattles!

This sweet guy is George! He is a black and white  spotted KuneKune! He is BH Tutaki X Trish, He has sired many piglets for us!   He is double wattled  and  around 350 lbs

Pig Trail Kunekunes Mahia Love 3 - Bajie

 AKKPS 6947

COI 9.6%

Mahia Love X Sally

Black & Ginger 

Both Wattles!

One of our Boars from our first litter ever!  This stunning boar is  everything we hoped to find! Nice long even topline, short snout, High tail set and well attached wattles!


 Pig Trail KuneKunes Ru 4 - JJ 

AKKPS 9035

COI 12.8%

Ru X Rona

2 Wattles!

 l am so excited to retain this young RU boar from the only litter our Ru boar Jasper ever sired before a freak accident took his life...  We have named this guy Jasper Junior AKA JJ! He is a gorgeous solid ginger! He has already sired a couple litters of piglets and hopefully  this fall we will  have a few more litters!

AKKPS 8187

COI 4.7%

BH Tutaki X Sally

2 Wattles!

This guy is as big as his sire George! He has a beautiful head and pretty pricked ears! He sired his first litter before he was a 1 year old!  Talk about getting the job done!  This guy is a big puppy!


High Hopes Whakanui 1  - Galaxy

AKKPS: 10635 

COI 3.8% 

Whakanui X Jenny

Tri, High White

Both wattles!

Our New boar from Andi Harper at High Hopes is absolutely amazing so far!! He had two litters fall 2020 that was amazing and we can't wait to see more!!

Pig Trail KuneKunes Whakanui 1 - Bandalorian

AKKPS 14036

COI 5.3%

Whakanui X Sally

Banded Ginger and black Tri 

2 Wattles

We HAD to keep this first son born to Galaxy and Rio our sally sow! He has really come along in just the few short months of his life and we are super excited! We can't wait to see Bandalorian's first piglets  next year!


YH Tutaki 1 - Atticus

AKKPS 16722

COI 5.8%

Tutaki  X Aria Giana


2 Wattles

Absolutely honored to own this Tutaki boar from Yellow Horse Ranch in Texas!  He is turning out to be everything we hoped to see in a Tutaki boar! He is already a whooping 176 pounds at 8 months old!  This guy  has a perfect set of family jewels and we are excited bout our spring 2022 piglets!!