TPT Sally 1 - Jade

 AKKPS 6940

COI 9.6%

Sally X Mahia Love

Black & Ginger 

2 Wattles!

One of our gilts from our first litter ever!  This girl has matured SOO nice we just can't get enough of her!  Nice long even topline, short snout, High tail set, 14 teats! She has made us proud!

Piney Creek Farm Trish 22 -Butterbean

AKKPS 8912

COI 6.9%

Trish X Tonganui

2 Wattles!

This Butter seriously wants the  SWEETEST pig award!! She is a sidekick on whatever I'm doing she is right there  wanting lovings! She gives the BEST hugs even to strangers! (She doesn't know  they are a stranger!) While we selected our gilt, she was leaning against my leg and I said I think she picked US! She joined us in fall 2019 and we are excited to finally have a new sow lineage! 


SDLRDG Rona 6 - Vanilla

AKKPS 7403

COI 13.6

Rona X Andrew

2 Wattles

She is a gorgeous Cream!  She is around 350 lbs and Really gorgeous thick but also tall and long "All Arounder" sow! and a great mother! 

Pig Trail KuneKunes Rona 1 - Ginger

AKKPS 9030

COI 12.8%

Rona X Ru

2 Wattles!

 Our only retained daughter from our boar Jasper that passed after a tragic accident...   Ginger has a gorgeous Ru head and deep body and width we love! She had her first litter fall 2020 and we are very happy with her natural mothering ability! 


Virginia KuneKunes Sally 2 - Rio

AKKPS 3351

COI 3.5%

Sally X Ru

2 Wattles!

Another  Stunning Ginger and black sow! Miss Rio is legendary as a sow in our book! I really cannot say enough amazing things about the Sally lineage!  Rio is around 300 lbs  and is literally the sweetest thing i've ever seen and the BEST mother!

Let It Be KuneKunes Kereopa 3 - Prairie Fire

AKKPS 10465

COI 6.1%

Kereopa X Tuahuru 

Ginger and black 

Non Wattled

We are soo excited to have our first Kereopa lined girl! she has a beautiful head and body even though she lacks wattles she is sure to produce lots of wattled babies with one of our big kune boars! We have placed her with our BH Tutaki for her first litter! 


Rocky Creek AR Farm BH Rebecca Gina 3 -Midnight

AKKPS 10356

COI 7.3%

BH Rebecca Gina X Tonganui


Both Wattles!

We are really excited to have our first all black kunekune and MAN is she stunning!  We have her with our BH Tutaki boar George for their first babies! Thank you Rocky Creek for this new girl! shes amazing!

Let It Be KuneKunes TaruTaru 2 - Andromeda

AKKPS 15141

COI 2.6%

Tarutaru  X Tonganui

White/Brown (Kinda creamy or light ginger/brown really)

2 Wattles!

Our beautiful Tarutaru from let it be kunekunes! Andromeda is a gorgeous unique colored kunekune and one of the lowest COI gilts we have!  We look forward to our  first Tarutaru  piglets in 2022!  

Pictured here after a long quarantine and finally joining our pasture for ladies!


Let It Be KuneKunes Momona 11 - Octavia 

AKKPS 15148

COI 7.0%

Momona  X Whakanui


2 Wattles! 

Another gorgeous Let it be Kunekunes pig!  Octavia is absolutely a beast! She is the longest back gilt i've ever seen and not only is she long but also extremely wide!  I really am excited to see how she keeps maturing and hopefully see our first Momona piglets in 2022! 

Pig Trail KuneKunes Trish 4 - PintoBean

AKKPS 18520

COI 5.9%

Trish X Whakanui


2 Wattles! 

A keeper from our own farm!! A Butterbean X Galaxy Daughter is absolutely stunning in everyway! Her head caught my eye straight out of the  sow LOL! Her long level topline is to die for! I literally can't wait to see this girl grow up and carry on our Pig Trail Kunekunes name!


Pig Trail KuneKunes Sally 27 - Cosmos

AKKPS 14041

COI 5.3%

Sally X Whakanui


2 Wattles! 

Another Rio daughter!! I just can't help but fall in love with these Sally sow lines! Miss Cosmos is just the sweetest thing! Plus Rio stamped her typical 14 teats on her!  We look forward to her first piglets in 2022!  We hope to pair her with our Tutaki boar Atticus!