Our 2021 litters due for Summer/Fall!

         Our 2021 Litters by PCF BH Tutaki 4 - George, AKKPS 2904

      We have 3 litters due by George left for 2021!


In October due as early as the 16th

PCF BH Tutaki 4 - George, AKKPS 2904 X RCAR BH Rebecca Gina 3 - Midnight, AKKPS 10356

PCF BH Tutaki 4 - George, AKKPS 2904 X TPT Rona 1 - Ginger, AKKPS 9030

In December  Due as early as the 4th (should be  pretty exact as I seen them) 

PCF BH Tutaki 4 - George, AKKPS 2904 X SDLRDG Rona 6 - Vanilla, AKKPS 7403 


     Our 2021 Litters by The Pig Trail Ru 4 - JJ, AKKPS 9035

             We have 2 litters due  out of JJ for 2021!

Should be Aug 31st (in labor literally RIGHT  now LOL)  for this litter!

TPT Ru 4 - JJ, AKKPS 9035 X LIB Kereopa 3 - Prairie Fire, AKKPS 10465

In October as early as June 15th 

TPT Ru 4- JJ, AKKPS 9035 X TPT Sally 1 - Jade, AKKPS 6940

About our litter waiting lists!

We currently don't particularly  have a list  per litter expected due to you can't count your piglets before they are earth side. But  you are welcome to add us on facebook  by clicking the button below that takes you to our page! We often post new pictures of moms and babies VIA our Facebook! 

Once piglets are weaned a $100 deposit can reserve the piglet to weaning age  if available and will be posted on our sales page.